donderdag, augustus 31, 2006

Lunatics FC: Great start - Pre-season Cup match

The Lunas started this coming seasons' cup matches (seen as pre-season matches) with both feet on the ground by pushing in a 5:0 win on their home turf last saturday. It could clearly be seen that the lunas were struggling with their form, however, they impressed their home fans with their impressive ball passing techniques and undisputable command of the game. The Lunas face yet another cup test this coming saturday on their home turf. A win will clearly see the Lunas to the second round of the cup competition.

The competition kicks-off in two weeks time and the Lunas are expected to put up an impressive performance in this higher division(2nd division) where they surely belong.

Bravo Lunas and best wishes for the new season. Let them know that the Lunas are in town.

woensdag, augustus 02, 2006

Second place at Tutti Footie Festival for Lunatics

Lunatics fc lost the final against Boys Leknica from Poland. A penantie goal decided a rather boring game of footbal. But what a fantastic, beautiful, hot and superb tournament it was. Keep it going and respect and a big applaus for anyone involved in the organisation of Tutti Footie.