dinsdag, juli 25, 2006

Lunatics FC

Lunatics FC: "Luna's on tour"
Yesterday we had a good repetition for Hanover on and of the field! There are still some people who want to drive and still some people who want to join us for this weekend's trip. No one special is co-ordinating it (allthough Nico wrote down a few things yesterday) but I suppose you better get in touch with eachother. I heard Wim, Broekie, Josse, Rudi, Nico and Peter will be driving to Hanover on Thursday.
As for our contribution to the poolshow please take yer white marcelleke (onderhemmeke) with ya!!! Other flashy swimwear, fancy sunglasses and weird inflatables will also be very much appreciated (as will be fireworks) !!! Tutti Footie shake yer bootie !!!

vrijdag, juli 21, 2006

hannover tournament website

http://kickme.to/haerte is de website met info over het tutti footie tornooi.
Maandag om 21:30 bij Wim wordt er verder afgesproken over vervoer. Als ge nog mee wil best daar aanwezig zijn. Meesten vertrekken donderdag middag/avond (27/07) en komen zondag/maandag terug.