maandag, oktober 31, 2005

Lunatics Quiz 9 december

Already a classic. You want to win prizes like overstocked seventies stockings from the better Ekeren Cigarette, lotto and whatever you need shop 'by Liliane', hurry up and join with your team. Inscriptions by mail to the lunatics are sent and handled by the organizing committee. And don't run to 'by Lililane' because shop is already closed for ages and occupied by the hairy guy.

zondag, oktober 30, 2005

Patriots - Lunatics FC 3-2

18 players present from Lunatics FC for the match against Patriots. Technical staff already begging for a very cold winter, because their famous rotation system strooiken trek, is running out of leaves. (euh?) Average age of the lunatics about 10 to 15 years older than Patriots, but this might not be an excuse for the very worse first half. 3-0 after 35 minutes and game over people say. Not for lunatics who made Patriots shiver until the end. Almost no competition during the third half which was one by Lunatics FC with 4-25. (euh again) You win some, you lose some ...but a draw at ook nie slecht gewist.

donderdag, oktober 27, 2005

Sat 29 oct. Patriots - Lunatics FC 14:30

Wegbeschrijving en uur stond als volgt in Forza 68 en da is nog steeds hetzelfde,
14u30 uur spelen, 13u45 verzamelen in de kantine aldaar. Terreinen Patro Hoevenen. Weet iedereen zijn? Vanuit Hoevenen Centrum (haha) richting vliegveld (haha). Halverwege die baan, nog voor den bocht, aan uw linkerkant.
En voor den Blauwers en Family, eerste wei links, recht door bonken, over bruggeske en tweede wei oversteken. En oppassen voor die vlaaien onderweg.

dinsdag, oktober 25, 2005

Lunatics FC - Esso 3- 5

A few more Antwerp chemical companies to go and we played them all. And saying that we once started as a Greenpeace team playing in Greenpeace shirts. Not really Lunatics best match, but a good opportunity for the new youngsters among the luna's to show their skills.

maandag, oktober 24, 2005

Lunatics FC - Nieuw Boechout B 3-0

Nice victory for Lunatics FC against a strong playing Nieuw Boechout B. Two goals by King Kenny who is going up again in the goal scorer's ranking. Third goal was a beauty by ' Peej Pee Peej wa vangde gij toch allemaal aan' with his rather curious family name. Nieuw Boechout B came close to victory for the 'deirden time', but because the bar closed at 9, this competition ended undecided. Nice day for lunatics FC which ended by a nice discoparty. But who was that 'Dikken Thomas' lookalike.

vrijdag, oktober 21, 2005

Monday 19u30 match vs. Esso op terrein Noorse

Voor degenen die het nog nie wisten. En voor onze lieve kapitein die hemel en aarde heeft verzet om mij ook een boodschapje op onze blog te laten zetten. En voor deze zaterdag : GERRIN' THERE LUNA'S !!!

donderdag, oktober 20, 2005

Sat. 22/10/05 16:00 Lunatics FC - Nieuw Boechout B

en 's avonds is er de jaarlijkse discofuif een paar meter verder als ik me niet vergis. Of vergis ik mij?

maandag, oktober 17, 2005

AC De Heide - Lunatics FC 1-2

Well deserved victory for the lunas, although there was some excitement at the end of the match, when AC De Heide came close to a draw. Even as close as we came to a 4-1 victory. Anyway, it's always nice to play across the border, passing 'Putte kaarmis', some seventies sex shops and listening to the best new and old Dutch schlagers. Further to remember, two goals of King Kenny and appreciated comebacks of Rooie and Tom Aerts.

woensdag, oktober 12, 2005

Inhaalwedtrijd BASF - Lunatics FC

Zaterdag 12 november 15:00

dinsdag, oktober 11, 2005

Lunatics FC - Degussa : 5-2

Respect to Rudi (Van den Broek) but the Loonies really pasted the blaugran chemical brothers last satdee. And what a game by ice-hockeyman Nico!

woensdag, oktober 05, 2005

New Lunatics Photos

Finally able to flickr photos from last years lunatics tournaments and the like on the web. See I think the best way to navigate is by browsing by tags. If someone finds photos from Robin, let me know, so I can delete these.

maandag, oktober 03, 2005