donderdag, september 29, 2005

Lunaticsfc - Kaart 77 7-1

Beautiful victory thanks to 7 beautiful retrogoals by the beautiful captain of Lunatics FC, the ugliest team in the world.

maandag, september 19, 2005

Indoorfootie Friendly Game - this Thursday

Indoorfootie Friendly Game - this Thursday (donderdag) 22 september !!!

sporthal UFSIA, Antwerpen
(De Kauwenberg of hoe heet dat daar)

match van 20u tot 21u against the Pai De Bruyn-staars!!! (iedereen welkom)

Lunatics FC - Ressimmo 2-1

Read the comments for match reports (if posted). Anyway can those who read this on the lunatics website give me a confirmation of that. So I know da shit is working. Minki did not see messages he told me last weekend, but I was wondering if this is caused by the website or by the filth on his screen. Interested in posting messages here yourselve, let me know. I'll add you to the VIP-list.

woensdag, september 14, 2005

Lunatics FC

Test om te kijken of een ingenieureke van het 7de knoopsgat hier ook iets kan laten verschijnen.

dinsdag, september 13, 2005

Marktkramers - Lunatics FC 2-2

The first match against marktkramers for this season. 18 lunatics players showed up. A far more larger attendance than we used to have for this classic on a cold rainy evening somewhere in december.

maandag, september 12, 2005

Friendly against Marktkramers

No training this evening because of a friendly against marktramers at Deurne. (near the Ruggeveld Sports Centre) Match start at 8:00 PM, so be there or try to at 7:30. Geen training dus, want 50ste vriendenmatchke tegen de marktkramers. Veld in Deurne ergens achter de skipiste. Goed opletten, want ge hebt daar een veld of 100, dus best zoeken naar Taverne 'De Haas' en daar net voor inslaan en rechtdoor rijden.

donderdag, september 08, 2005

A new lunatic is born

On the first of september 'Kasper' son of Matthias (aka de wandelende snijboon) and Tine with one n is born. Kasper looks already more heavy than his father. Congratulations

Atlas Copco - Lunatics 3 - 3 (1-4 pen.)

President's furious riot act of last week resulted in a larger attendance of lunaplayers and as a consequence in a better result. Although we have to admit that Lunatics Fc might be very content with this and towards the end it was more Atlas Copco who could claim on a victory. Some fine saves from Blauwers saved us from another loss and a muttering President. In stead of this Lunatics collectively drunk their brains out and forgot their kit which is still rotting somewhere in the local football canteen of Atlas Copco. Celebrations for the lucky draw lasted until next day at the traditional End of Summer party at the President's holiday park.

First Cup Round (27/08) Lunatics Fc - Dansing Chocolat 1- 4

Next match against BASF is cancelled, what means Lunatics FC has a free weekend. So, let's go stupid friday night 9th sep. at another 'Vettig Patje' event. P.A.I.N. and other bands playing at the Kattendijkdok VZW Emma, droogdokkenweg. (ergens achter de pompiers)